First meeting at Cary Academy- discussion and activity

On September 5th, 2014, Leaders UNITE held their first meeting of the school year at the Cary Academy high school. The students learned about the goals and purposes of Leaders UNITE, did the “Find Someone Who” activity and discussed ways to improve their performance, and also discussed the “Should a leader incorporate his.her morals and beliefs into a task?” discussion question. At the end of the club, the students finishing filling out their “Leaders UNITE first day forms.”

Overall, it was a successful first club meeting! Notes and opinions about the discussion question are posted under the discussion question’s comment section. 

Leaders UNITE discussion Leaders UNITE find someone who


Receiving National Award

Ivana has just received a National Award from the YSA (Youth Service of America) on behalf of Leaders UNITE! The 2014 Summer Service Award awards people who strive make a difference in the community and help others. Ivana has also received $1000 to use for Leaders UNITE. We are so excited to put this money to good use and continue expanding the club!