Notes about the schedule

The 2014-2015 Leaders UNITE schedule is mapped out like this. Note: it is not strictly confined to this schedule and there will mostly definitely be changes in the schedule for each school as the school year begins. This is just the general layout. Hopefully you will be able to get the general idea and also note the layout of the five subsections of UNITE and their purposes. Enjoy!


Character Tendencies and Leadership Trends in the Classroom

In this discussion, you will touch on three different- yet related- questions.

1. What are some examples of figures in history or in your daily life that you feel have successfully utilized their leadership abilities and engendered success?

2. Does there tend to be a trend regarding certain aspects of one’s character that is used when being a leader? For example, does someone tend to fall back to his/her bossy nature each time a problem arises during a task?

3. Does there seem to a an upward trend in compromise and thinking outside of the box when completing a task in school environment throughout the school year. If so, what stimulates the upward trend?

Leadership Utopia

It is your job to create the epitome of leadership and a team that can get work done efficiently and successfully. Although it is nearly impossible to have a perfect team, it is quite possible to have an efficient and successful team.


In your group, you will have 15 minutes to create different roles for each member of your class in order to have a successful team. Remember, every person in the team is important in some way! Your team methodology should be structured so that you can complete any group task assigned in a classroom setting. Feel free to create a “problem” so that you can construct which aspects may be important for a team to possess. Good luck!

First Day Questionnaire

On the first day of the club, you will fill out this short questionnaire in order to help you individually to become a more effective leader. Your teacher will collect and store the forms after completion. General answers should be emailed to for more individualized variation to the curriculum.

Leaders UNITE first day form

You will complete the same form again at the end of the year and be able to compare answers from the two forms. It should be interesting to notice your growth as a leader!

The Newest App

**public speaking

Congratulations! You have just created the newest app for your phone, and you are trying to get it approved and published. You are to give a 1 minute presentation about your app including all of the following features:

1. Name of the app

2. Purposes/functions of the app

3. An app logo

4. Special features


You will have 15 minutes to envision an app and prepare the presentation. When time is up, you will present to the class. Remember, it can be any kind of app!