Pre-Concert Decision Making

You are getting ready to go to a concert with some of your friends for the start of the summer. How fun! But before you go, your parents left you a few chores to complete. You have to meet your friends at the concert, but before you go, you must complete 4 chores in any order you wish.¬†Decide quickly- you don’t have much time!


– Drop you little sister off at a birthday party (7 miles west from concert)

– Take your cat, Mathias, to the vet for his monthly checkup (10 miles east from concert)

– Go to the grocery store to pick up snacks for concert (5 miles west from concert)

– Return a DVD to the local store (2 miles east from concert)


In your groups, you will have 10 minutes to decide the order of the tasks.


Our logo!

Hello all! We are proud to announce that we now have an official Leaders UNITE logo! It was designed by one of our members, Julia, and will be placed on everything related to Leaders UNITE.


The logo represents the growth of personality and leadership skills that members of the club will experience. It also symbolizes branching out as a leader to new heights and opportunities.