Leadership Scenarios

**assigned leader required

You are to create a 1-2 minute skit depicting how someone can use leadership skills in the 3 different scenarios.

1. You are planning the next school dance. You must select a theme and make a plan of what to have at the dance (including food, music, and decorations.)

2. You are preparing your speech for the upcoming sports award ceremony at your school. All of you must decide on one speech and divide up who is saying which parts.

3. You are working on your group project for your science class. One of you does not want to do any work, but everyone must contribute.


In your group, you will have 20 minutes to complete this activity. After time is up, you will present your skits to the class.


Assigned Leaders and Discussions After Activities

Don’t forget that for most of the activities, there can be one assigned leader (which will vary from activity to activity) that will “take charge” in whatever way he/she feels necessary. Also, after each activity, there will be a short (5-10 minute) discussion regarding the dynamic of the team, assigned leader, learning aspects, and the activity as a whole.

Activities- Use Main Page

While the activities page contains sub pages for each age group, these are being modified and it is advised at the time to check the activities main page which contains a list of all possible activities. Still check the divided lists for some guidance.
The list will be fully divided before the start of the next school year but is also flexible due to differences in curriculum, student personalities, and school settings.

Branch Locations and Partners

This is a list of schools that have partnered with or contained branches of Leaders UNITE at their schools. We would love to partner with more schools in the future!


Duke University


High Schools:

Cary Academy




West Johnston

South Johnston


Middle Schools:

Cary Academy

Archer Lodge


McGee’s Crossroads






Elementary School:

Chesterbrook Academy