Creating Your Own Language

Yes, I bet you’ve thought about doing this before, but now the time has come. It is time for you to create your own language. It can be based off of real languages or completely made up. It is up to you to create certain trends (such as most plural words end with -s), create a name for your language, and translate these 10 words into your new language.

1. Bottle

2. Paper

3. Trust

4. Hippopotamus

5. Statue

6. Love

7. Flower

8. Toy

9. Running

10. Blue


In your group, you will have 15 minutes to complete this activity. When time is up, you will share your language and the translations with the class.


Drawing a Forest

You and your friends will get to draw a forest! This includes whatever animals, plants, lakes, waterfalls, and people you would like to include. You will each take turns drawing one thing on the piece of paper and will continue this cycle until each of you has gone twice. Have fun!


In your group, you will have 20 minutes to complete this activity. Be sure to show your picture to your friends when you are done!

About the Founder

Leaders UNITE was started by Ivana, who was inspired to make a difference in her own community and to help people learn how to develop their own leadership abilities. This inspiration stemmed from her experiences as a Peer Leader at the Shelton Leadership Challenge. As a Peer Leader, much of her task consisted of observing the growth in different aspects of the students’ leadership, and thus she developed a strong passion for the recognition and real-life scenario application of leadership. She believes that being a leader consists of many important qualities and she is keen on spreading this club all around the world.

Story Pieces

In your group, you will tell a story. One person will say write sentence of the story, and then the next person will add on another sentence. This will continue until each person in the class has said written 2 lines of the story.
In your group, you will have 15 minutes to complete this activity. Afterwards, read your story and enjoy!


In your group, get a long piece of paper the width of a table. Also, get some markers or other drawing tools. Write the words, “My club is…” on the top of the page. Then, you will have 30 minutes to write or draw whatever you want on this mural; however, make sure it looks somewhat cohesive. After time is up, you can feel free to hang the mural in your classroom.


In your group, you will have 30 minutes to work on your mural. Be creative!