One thought on “Should a leader incorporate his/her morals and beliefs into a task?”

  1. Cary Academy high school:
    · Should a leader incorporate his/her morals and beliefs into a task?
    o No: it could sway the opinions of others, could be morally “incorrect”, imposition of opinions too much, overpowering, discouragement
    o Balance of expression of ideas and contribution with imposition of ideas too much.

    o Does a moral = a belief?
    o We can’t control how much our beliefs/morals influence our opinion, but we can decide how to control it and interact with it
    o In anything you do as a leader, morality is involved, and it’s important to have your morals–if you hold them back, then you’re losing an opinion in the group
    o If you were the leader of a group that has these same morals and beliefs, if you’re all dedicated to the same thing, then it’s important to give your full ideas and opinions. You can’t be too set into your beliefs, as that makes you ignorant and imposing
    o From different perspectives, “moral” behavior is different. If there is an expected guideline for your behavior, you might seem ignorant to outsiders but devoted to those on the inside. The followers of the leader should have a chance to contribute to the conversation
    · What about hands-on?
    o A leader’s purpose is to serve and help others more than anything
    o Constant analysis of what isn’t/is necessary in every situation at any given time. Understand the power of your followers and of yourself. Know how much you can influence your followers. Knows what’s needed in this moment, here and now
    o Humility is important, knowing the responsibility you have is important; you should not go off the path of leading
    o Being a quiet leader and loud leader; all styles of leadership are important and can be used in different ways. Use whatever works for you, whatever you can play out of your personality, understanding your strengths to apply them to being the best leader you can be
    o Effective vs. good leaders

    o Redefine the meaning of a leader
    o It’s important to be the leader that’s best for the group. The leader cannot forget that they are a leader. Some followers can cause issues by declaring someone as a leader when they’re not. Everyone can be a leader. It’s important to find ways to measure how effective you are as a leader–how do you measure how good your leadership is? Checkpoints? Goals?

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