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Hand Signs

**assigned leader activity

Being the leader of a group can sometimes be difficult. It is not always easy to communicate your ideas to others, especially when there are major obstacles in the way. In your group, there will be one assigned leader who will be tasked with directing the class in drawing a scene (listed below.) There is one catch- the assigned leader cannot speak to the group and must use other forms of communication (not including writing words) to communicate the scene.


In your group, you will have 15 minutes to complete this activity. Enjoy and don’t get frustrated!

Scene: (assigned leader read only): It is a forest setting with large trees and a cloudy blue sky above. There is a toucan on a tree to the right of the page and small lake on the center of the page. There is a hippopotamus drinking some water from the lake (on the left-hand side of the lake.)


Find someone who…

A good team must play to the strengths of the group. Therefore, it is important to have an idea of everyone’s abilities. Each person will have one of these sheets. In order to complete one of the numbers, another person must sign his/her name on your sheet. Be honest about your talents. The first one to have 20 signatures win!

*Note: If your class is smaller than 20 people, some people can sign for more than one number on the sheet.

Find someone who…

Find Someone Who (Younger Student Version)


Show and Learn

**assigned leader activity

In this activity, a member of your group will demonstrate and teach the other members of the class how to perform a certain activity or talent that they possess. This gives a chance for students to recognize one another’s talents, because it is important for a group to play to the strengths of the individuals within it. Also, this gives students a chance to explore new activities and practice explaining and getting ideas across in an audible and comprehensive manner. A leader must also possess patience, because not everyone in the group will have the same amount of experience.

In your group, you will have 20 minutes to watch the demonstration and learn an aspect from the person presenting. For example, a dancer can perform a dance and then teach the choreography (or a beginning-level dance) to the class. Have fun and get to know one another’s talents.

Bossy Says “Go Fish”

**assigned leader activity

People should be able to handle difficult conditions within a group. This activity will help reinforce that. One member of the class will be the assigned leader for this activity. Another member of the class (who should read the section under “Note to follower” prior to the beginning of the activity) will be a controlled obstacle during this activity. Note: the follower must be chosen in secret.

The assigned leader will teach the whole group how to play a card game. Although the card game can be similar to or based off of a real card game, it should have aspects that are invented by the leader and be an original game. The leader will first explain the game to the group and then everyone will play the game- including the leader.


In your group, you will have 15 minutes to play the card game.

Note to follower: You are the assigned obstacle. It is your job to try to change the leader’s rule, question his/her authority, try to create your own rules, and even attempt to cheat. As the obstacle, you should do all of these things, but do them subtly. If people figure out that you are the obstacle, then the game will lose its purpose. So have fun with the task, but don’t be too obvious.

The Tallest Tower

**assigned leader activity

Split into three, even groups (as even as possible.) In your groups, you will be tasked with constructing the tallest towards out of the materials provided by your teacher. Typically, each group would have 2 textbooks, 7 Styrofoam cups, and a deck of cards; however, use whatever material the teacher has available. Each group will have the same materials.


In your groups, you will 10 minutes to construct the tallest tower possible. Good luck and may the best group win!

Leadership Utopia

It is your job to create the epitome of leadership and a team that can get work done efficiently and successfully. Although it is nearly impossible to have a perfect team, it is quite possible to have an efficient and successful team.


In your group, you will have 15 minutes to create different roles for each member of your class in order to have a successful team. Remember, every person in the team is important in some way! Your team methodology should be structured so that you can complete any group task assigned in a classroom setting. Feel free to create a “problem” so that you can construct which aspects may be important for a team to possess. Good luck!

First Day Questionnaire

On the first day of the club, you will fill out this short questionnaire in order to help you individually to become a more effective leader. Your teacher will collect and store the forms after completion. General answers should be emailed to for more individualized variation to the curriculum.

Leaders UNITE first day form

You will complete the same form again at the end of the year and be able to compare answers from the two forms. It should be interesting to notice your growth as a leader!

The Newest App

**public speaking

Congratulations! You have just created the newest app for your phone, and you are trying to get it approved and published. You are to give a 1 minute presentation about your app including all of the following features:

1. Name of the app

2. Purposes/functions of the app

3. An app logo

4. Special features


You will have 15 minutes to envision an app and prepare the presentation. When time is up, you will present to the class. Remember, it can be any kind of app!

A Leader Is… (Creativity Project)

A huge aspect of leadership is thinking “outside the box” and using one’s own strengths to help benefit the task. First, complete the sentence, “A leader is ____” with a word or phrase that you believe is most important in regards to leadership. Next, create your own representation of this sentence in a tangible or non-tangible form (for example: a sculpture, a skit, a song, a poem, a story, artwork made from recycled material, a monologue, etc.)


In your group (or individually,) you will have 30 minutes to complete the sentence and create your representation. Be creative and play to your strengths!

Lesson Plan

Now is the chance for you to create your own classroom curriculum (for a 45-minute class period) that promotes and integrates leadership development as well as teaching the necessary material. You can pick any class that you take at school.


In your groups, you will have 30 minutes to create a lesson plan for any 45-minute class that you chose. Make sure to incorporates leadership development as well as the material you learn in the specific class. When time is up, you will present your lesson plan to the class.