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You are Special (YAS) on Leaders UNITE instagram page

We kicked off our Fall YAS initiative a few weeks ago at the International Preschool of Raleigh by doing our YAS (You are Special) activity, where students made You are Special cards for their classmates and celebrated their classmates’ unique qualities. This week, we are doing our first online YAS campaign of Fall 2019! We posted this EdWordle on our Instagram page showing a few (of many) words you could use to tell someone that they are special. Feel free to use these words as an inspiration to tell others why they are special to you!

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You are Special



You are Special (YAS) at International Preschool of Raleigh

Yesterday for Leaders UNITE at the International Preschool of Raleigh, the students did the YAS (You are Special) activity, where they wrote cards to other people in their program to tell them why they are special. The students learned that a leader should appreciate all of his/her team members, knowing why they are special as a person and what unique traits they can bring to a team. The students were so great at selecting different people in the class- even people they didn’t know that well. They gave each other wonderful compliments: calling them nice, beautiful, kind, fun to play with, and many more! Then they drew cards for one another to represent why their friends are so special. Some of the students even hugged their friends who gave them cards to say thank you! The students kept wanting to make more and more cards for their friends. I even made some for the students. Way to spread positivity!


Happy New Year- Leaders UNITE Style!

Hi everyone! On behalf of Leaders UNITE, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, filled with happiness and success. To start the New Year on a positive note, like my Facebook status for a YAS!


For those of you that do not know, YAS is a Leaders UNITE social media movement. YAS stands for You Are Special and highlights the positive traits we see in one another. Feel free to post this as your status to continue the movement. For each person that likes the status, I will post on their wall, beginning with, “YAS because…” and then saying nice things about the person. It is easy and fun. So like my status- or make it your own- to give it a try!

We are happy to spread positivity on Facebook! The status can be found on my personal page and on the Duke YAS page.

YAS (You Are Special) for schools on Facebook!

YAS is taking on Facebook in a new way! Each interested school is getting own YAS Facebook page! People can send in YAS notes anonymously or with their name on the virtual note. Then, the administrator of the page (either me or someone from your school who is interested) will post the virtual note on the Facebook page. The page will be filled with YAS messages! Feel free to comment on YAS messages or just take pleasure in the kind words of your peers.

For more information, commment or email If you would like to be an administrator on your school’s YAS page, let me know in the comment/email.