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Leaders UNITE: leaders in recycling!

Today for Leaders UNITE at the International Preschool of Raleigh, students became leaders in recycling! The school plans to get some recycling bins soon, and today, Leaders UNITE students learned what it means to recycle. Students then created a rule list for recycling to paste in school for all of their other friends to learn about recycling. Students then made a supply list of things they want to recycle at school, so that teachers could go shopping for different types of recycling bins for their school. The first pictures shows their recycling rules list. The second picture shows the rule list alongside some of the students’ drawings of recyclables (paper, newspaper, glass bottles, recycling bins) and some animals that can be saved when we recycle!

Great job being leaders in the community, students!

IPR recycling initiative

IPR recycling initiative 2


Working together at the International Preschool of Raleigh

This week, the students did the activity Story Pieces, where they each had to take turns making a sentence to create one large story*. The students did a great job of taking turns and thinking outside of the box about their stories. They also did a great job of remembering different parts of the story and coming back to them if other people did not. For example, one student brought a unicorn into the story and the next three people did not mention it. However, the fourth person noticed this and made a point to include the unicorn again. This definitely got better as the story progressed. The students who went first and last also really got a chance to practice starting and ending stories.

I was happy to see students’ teamwork increase this week, and to see them thinking outside the box! Here is the story they created (remember, each person made one sentence of the story):

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. There was also a little girl with a crown. The boy had a Santa Claus hat. A bad guy comes in! The boy and the girl eat lunch together. A spider comes in the house. The girl with the crown fights the bad guy and he leaves. A person comes in and the spooky spider comes in the room. A zombie comes in and fights the boy and girl, but her parents come in to save them. The mom comes outside and grabs the trash can and puts it inside the house, puts the zombie inside, and goes to work. A unicorn comes in. Then a T-rex comes to eat the zombie. The mom comes home from work, puts the trashcan away, and calls the dad and siblings to eat breakfast. Another bad guy comes in and the grandpa comes in while the zombie tries to eat the brother. A dragon comes out. A big fairy comes in to save the day. The spider comes in the girl and boy’s noses. A girl comes to eat with the boy and girl, and they go to ride the unicorn. A big T-rex comes in. The dinosaur comes and says, “woah!” to everyone, the dinosaur screams, and their parents save them. Then a ghost comes in and scares the whole family, but the mom and dad save them. A banana comes in and goes through the ghost. The ghost goes inside the window.¬†

*We were supposed to do a different activity this week, corresponding with Day 7 on the International Preschool of Raleigh schedule. However, we had some issues with the internet, so we did Story Pieces instead.

You are Special (YAS) at International Preschool of Raleigh

Yesterday for Leaders UNITE at the International Preschool of Raleigh, the students did the YAS (You are Special) activity, where they wrote cards to other people in their program to tell them why they are special. The students learned that a leader should appreciate all of his/her team members, knowing why they are special as a person and what unique traits they can bring to a team. The students were so great at selecting different people in the class- even people they didn’t know that well. They gave each other wonderful compliments: calling them nice, beautiful, kind, fun to play with, and many more! Then they drew cards for one another to represent why their friends are so special. Some of the students even hugged their friends who gave them cards to say thank you! The students kept wanting to make more and more cards for their friends. I even made some for the students. Way to spread positivity!


Advanced thinking at International Preschool of Raleigh

Leaders UNITE has been a huge success at the International Preschool of Raleigh thus far! During our session last week, students participated in the Creating Your Own Language activity. At first, I was a little bit nervous to do this activity with the younger students, since it was a bit advanced in the instructions. But this turned out to be a session that demonstrated huge growth, teamwork, and advanced thinking in the students at the International Preschool of Raleigh.

Since this was these students’ first non-drawing activity (though they drew on the paper a bit at first), I held the paper for them and helped them get started with the teamwork. One student began the activity, thinking of a really funny and interested way to say, “paper”– Tinko! I was very happy to see her think outside of the box and take initiative. Following that, many of the students had ideas for our next few words (“cat” and “flower”), but once we got to “toy,” the children had two ideas. One person wanted to call it “Kinger,” while another student wanted to call it, “Train.” To encourage teamwork and show students how to respect and appreciate everyone’s ideas, I suggested we combine both words to make the word for “toy,” leading us to call “toy” Kinger Train! Once we got to the next word, “friend,” I didn’t need to say anything about combining words- the students did it all by themselves! The second that two students had different ideas for a word for “friend,” one of the students suggested that we combine the two words. As we continued, the students kept combining their ideas, and even told one another, “That’s a great idea!” The students even wanted to keep doing the activity once time was up, and wanted to think of words for “crown,” “airplane,” and more! We loved to see the students working together, using advanced thinking, encouraging one another, and participating!

Creating Your Own Language IPR