Find Someone Who- Assigned Leader Style

Yesterday in Leaders UNITE, the students conducted an activity about teamwork and leadership called, “Find Someone Who.” In this activity, the students had to find at least one person in the classroom who could do each of the things written on the paper, such as find someone who can do a handstand, whistle, was born outside of North Carolina, and more. The students did this same activity near the beginning of the year to get to know their teammates a bit better, and to understand that everyone has talents that they can bring to a team. However, this time, when students did the activity, there was a little twist. For each question on the paper, I assigned a different student to be the “assigned leader”, meaning that they were the person in charge of finding out how many people could do each task on the paper. This got the students to practice being leaders, learning how to communicate with their group, and how to get the group to listen to them. The students noted that the hardest task when they were leaders of the group was getting the team members to listen, making sure they heard the question, and making sure everyone was answering the question. It was great that the students were already becoming aware of the importance of listening and proper communication, which they said were important both for the leader and for the team. Everyone did a great job being the assigned leader, and getting an accurate count of people who could do each task. We revisited the idea that everyone in a team has their own individual strengths, and it was very cool to hear about students’ talents as well!


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