A Leader Is… (Creativity Project)

A huge aspect of leadership is thinking “outside the box” and using one’s own strengths to help benefit the task. First, complete the sentence, “A leader is ____” with a word or phrase that you believe is most important in regards to leadership. Next, create your own representation of this sentence in a tangible or non-tangible form (for example: a sculpture, a skit, a song, a poem, a story, artwork made from recycled material, a monologue, etc.)


In your group (or individually,) you will have 30 minutes to complete the sentence and create your representation. Be creative and play to your strengths!


Leadership Around School

Leadership is a skill that can be used directly or indirectly in many circumstances. Using the three topics provided, create a short (30 second- 1 minute) skit that shows an example of how leadership could be used in this situation.

1. Finding a song for your band to play at the school talent show

2. Working on a science presentation with a group

3. Planning a trip to the pool with some friends


In your groups, you will have 20 minutes to plan out the skits. After time is up, you will present them to the class. Be creative!

Lesson Plan

Now is the chance for you to create your own classroom curriculum (for a 45-minute class period) that promotes and integrates leadership development as well as teaching the necessary material. You can pick any class that you take at school.


In your groups, you will have 30 minutes to create a lesson plan for any 45-minute class that you chose. Make sure to incorporates leadership development as well as the material you learn in the specific class. When time is up, you will present your lesson plan to the class.

Creating a Poem

What does it feel like to be a leader during a situation? What feelings are most prominent for you? Do you feel worried, nervous, supported, or even determined? Individually, write a poem (of any style and length) that describes your personal feelings when you are a leader in a certain activity.


You will have 20 minutes to complete this activity. After time is up, you will share your poem to the class.

Why should you start Leaders UNITE at your school?

  • It gives a unique approach to leadership through engaging real-life scenarios
  • It gives a chance to gain new perspectives through the discussions and communication with other schools around the world
  • Through the setup of the activities, students will be able to monitor their own individual growth as a leader as well as their improvement in group dynamic
  • The students will get plenty of volunteer opportunities within the community  through volunteer opportunities presented by members of the club, assisting the elementary school branches, etc.
  • The meetings are very relaxed, and the club activity schedule can be altered depending on the amount of time the group has
  • The activities are fun, and can even be molded to fit something that the students are learning about or doing at school (just let the founder know, and she can make it work)
  • The students will get exposed to other schools, their school systems, and even be able to communicate with schools in other states/countries to see their perspectives on leadership and similar topics

Interviewing an Icon

Pick someone famous that had demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities. You are now going to create a 10-question interview for this person regarding aspects of the person’s leadership or leadership development. The first 8 questions should relate to leadership or important character traits in some way, and the last 2 questions can be fun and creative!


In your group, you will have 20 minutes to create the interview of 10 questions. Be prepared to present your questions after time is up.

A New End to a Movie

Chose a movie or a book that everyone is familiar with. As a group, create one new ending to the movie/book that everyone agrees with. Be prepared to present the new ending and also reasons for changing certain aspects.


In your group, you will have 10 minutes to complete this task. You will present to the class after time is up.