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Benson Middle School- A Leader Is…


~Benson Middle School students


First Conference- huge success!

The first Leaders UNITE Conference was a huge success! We thank everyone who attended the event for a day filled with fun, laughs, and leadership development. We would especially like to thank Benson Middle School for attending with students from their 6th and 7th grade class. During the event, students were placed in one of three groups, each with one student facilitator. Ivana moved from group to group during the discussions. The student facilitators did not lead the discussion, but instead helped guide the students to speak and to stay on topic. At the end of each discussion, students created a summary board with some of their key points of discussion and presented it to the whole class. Different students stood in front of the class and presented for each discussion. After the discussions, the students ate lunch and were assigned in new groups of three for the activities following lunch. Due to time constraints, students were only able to finish two of the three activities. However, the students enthusiastically completed the activities and performed the final products in front of the whole class. The results were amazing! Stay tuned for another post on the reflections/memorable moments from the conference!

We encourage everyone to attend future Leaders UNITE conferences and to contact us if you are interested in participating in another upcoming event.

Leadership in the Classroom

This is the first Leaders UNITE conference, and this will hopefully be the first of many. It will take place at Cary Academy in the lecture hall. This conference will consist of three discussions followed by three activities- all directly corresponding. The theme for this conference is leadership within the classroom, and the activities will be centered around ways we can improve leadership opportunities and student mindsets within a school environment. There will be students from a few schools across North Carolina attending the conference. Students will be split into discussion groups with students from different schools, and they will be split into a different group for the corresponding activities. If anyone else would like to join the conference, please contact us! There will be snacks and lunch provided during the conference. Hope to see you all there!