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Communication within a team

In this discussion, you will answer the following 3 questions.

1. How does a leader communicate effectively within a group?

2. How does a disability such as lack of verbal or physical communication affect the dynamic of a team?

3. Is there a difference between the communication between the leader/the team and rest of the team among themselves?


Character Tendencies and Leadership Trends in the Classroom

In this discussion, you will touch on three different- yet related- questions.

1. What are some examples of figures in history or in your daily life that you feel have successfully utilized their leadership abilities and engendered success?

2. Does there tend to be a trend regarding certain aspects of one’s character that is used when being a leader? For example, does someone tend to fall back to his/her bossy nature each time a problem arises during a task?

3. Does there seem to a an upward trend in compromise and thinking outside of the box when completing a task in school environment throughout the school year. If so, what stimulates the upward trend?