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A Leader Is… (Creativity Project)

A huge aspect of leadership is thinking “outside the box” and using one’s own strengths to help benefit the task. First, complete the sentence, “A leader is ____” with a word or phrase that you believe is most important in regards to leadership. Next, create your own representation of this sentence in a tangible or non-tangible form (for example: a sculpture, a skit, a song, a poem, a story, artwork made from recycled material, a monologue, etc.)


In your group (or individually,) you will have 30 minutes to complete the sentence and create your representation. Be creative and play to your strengths!

Leadership in Movies

Either watch a movie in class or discuss a movie that everyone has recently watched. Discuss how leadership was incorporated into the plot of the story and also if some major conflicts could have been avoided by using leadership practices/traits.


In your group, you will have 20 minutes to complete the discussion.

Creating Your Own Language

Yes, I bet you’ve thought about doing this before, but now the time has come. It is time for you to create your own language. It can be based off of real languages or completely made up. It is up to you to create certain trends (such as most plural words end with -s), create a name for your language, and translate these 10 words into your new language.

1. Bottle

2. Paper

3. Trust

4. Hippopotamus

5. Statue

6. Love

7. Flower

8. Toy

9. Running

10. Blue


In your group, you will have 15 minutes to complete this activity. When time is up, you will share your language and the translations with the class.

Drawing a Forest

You and your friends will get to draw a forest! This includes whatever animals, plants, lakes, waterfalls, and people you would like to include. You will each take turns drawing one thing on the piece of paper and will continue this cycle until each of you has gone twice. Have fun!


In your group, you will have 20 minutes to complete this activity. Be sure to show your picture to your friends when you are done!

Word Scramble Story


You are to create and act out a 2 minute story. You main character or object of the story should be created from the letters above: using any number and any order of the letters. For example, you could use the letters HEY.


In your group, you will have 15 minutes to pick your main character/object and then create your script. At the end of the time, you will present your skit to the class.


Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming up, but you don’t want to buy a costume this year. Instead, you want to create your own. Use any of the provided materials in the classroom to create your own Halloween costume. It can be based on a real costume or character, or it can be your own creation.


In your group, you will have 30 minutes to create this costume. Use only the materials provided. Be creative! You will present the costume to the class when time is up.


We all know Batman and Spiderman, who have saved the world on numerous occasions. But who will be the next superhero and what will be his power? It is up to you to decide!


In your group, you will have 15 minutes to create your own superhero and draw the hero on a piece of paper. On the page, you must also write his/her superhero name, special power, and how he/she got the power. You will present to the group after time is up.