Party Planning

**1 leader

Ring ring

Your best friend’s mother has just called you to let you  know that your best friend will be having her Sweet Sixteen (or Quinceañera) in two weeks. Not only did she call to invite you, but she also needs your help planning it. There’s a lot to do: renting the hall, getting food, sending out invites, and more! You friend’s mother put you in charge of the entertainment- the music during the party as well as the surprise performance for the celebratory dance half way through. She said you can pick anyone you want to perform at the party- but remember there’s a budget and a crunch for time! It’s up to you to make the entertainment a hit!


In your group, you have 10 minutes to decide on a playlist of 10 songs and a performer (famous or not) for the party. Also, make a plan of how you will get the music (hire a DJ, etc.) and get in contact with the performer. You will present your proposal after the time is up.


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