Leaders UNITE Locations

We are proud to have many schools and libraries associated partnering with Leaders UNITE. Use the dropdown menu to see posts from a few of our locations, which talk about activities, reflections, and other information from Leaders UNITE at these locations. If you are interested in starting Leaders UNITE at your school, library, or after school program, contact us here on at leadersuniteclub@gmail.com .

Here are a list of our current and previous partners:

Current partners:

  1. Duke University (Durham, NC)
  2. International Preschool of Raleigh (Raleigh, NC)
  3. North Regional Library (Durham, NC)
  4. South Regional Library (Durham, NC)
  5. East Regional Library (Durham, NC)
  6. International Preschool of Raleigh’s Partner School (Beijing, China)
  7. Jordan High School (Durham, NC)
  8. Durham Nativity School (Durham, NC)

Former partners:

  1. North Hills School (Pilar, Argentina)
  2. Cary Academy (Cary, NC)
  3. Enloe High School (Raleigh, NC)
  4. Chesterbrook Academy (Cary, NC)
  5. Cleveland High School (Johnston County, NC)
  6. Smithfield-Selma High School ((Johnston County, NC)
  7. West Johnston High School (Johnston County, NC)
  8. South Johnston High School (Johnston County, NC)
  9. Archer Lodge Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  10. Riverwood Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  11. McGee’s Crossroads Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  12. Benson Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  13. Clayton Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  14. Smithfield Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  15. Selma Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  16. Meadow Middle School (Johnston County, NC)

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