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I just finished the first activity. It went extremely well! I was a bit worried since the students were in 11th grade that they may not listen or may not have fun doing the activity, but I was wrong. They really enjoyed the activity and actually put a lot of effort into it. I ended up not having enough time to do all of the follow-up questions with the group, but I think they got the general gist of the whole thing during the course of the activity. One group finished rather quickly, and they even seemed to make the logo together instead of individually. Two of the other groups were on a relatively similar pace, but they were still not completely finished within the twenty minutes. Another group spent so much time deciding what to do, and they started actually answering the questions after 20 minutes. They just had a few issues working together and thinking of an app that they all would like. However, all of the presentations were excellent! The students really listened to me and completely followed through with what I wanted for the project. Their apps were fairly creative and the logos were very interesting.

In the group that finished on time, it seemed that all of the students worked well together. They all got out their phones at the same time to brainstorm about some of the apps that they most enjoyed and why. They all worked on the logo together, one person drawing and the other people coloring in the design. This group also followed the instruction that everyone needed to talk during the presentation. It seemed that these people had a clear goal in mind from the beginning, and this allowed them to successfully complete the activity without much problem. They also finished within the time limit, showing that they had good time management skills.

The other two groups worked together relatively well together, but it just took them a while to think of an idea. There was not really an issue with their teamwork, but they were not too consistent about their time management skills.

The fourth group was the most difficult. The students took up until the 20 minute mark just to figure out what they would do for their app. They did not really work together at all, and seemed to just be waiting for someone to do all of the work. The group appeared to not be very close friend-wise so maybe this contributed to the fact that they could not agree upon a common goal for the app. This seemed mostly attributed to the fact that the students did not seem very close to one another and therefore did not know of common interests, etc. that they could make an app out of.

Presentation wise, the groups did well. Only one group did not follow the guidelines that everyone had to speak during the presentation.