2020-2021 Leaders UNITE Schedule

The 2020-2021 school year is on its’ way! Since Leaders UNITE works with each school individually to craft a schedule best suited for each school, our schedules are a bit different for each school based on age, interests, and club goals. Here are a few example schedules for a few of our partner schools to give you an idea of how the club works and how you can combine activities to best suit your school. If you plan to use one of our schedules, please let us know, and we can work with you to tailor it to your own classroom!

Leaders UNITE 2020-2021 Schedules:

IPR 2020-2021 fall schedule

IPR 2020-2021 spring schedule

Previous years’ Leaders UNITE schedules:

Leaders UNITE Fall 2019 Schedule International Preschool of Raleigh

leaders unite 2015-2016 schedule

leaders unite schedule 2014-2015


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