Working together at the International Preschool of Raleigh

This week, the students did the activity Story Pieces, where they each had to take turns making a sentence to create one large story*. The students did a great job of taking turns and thinking outside of the box about their stories. They also did a great job of remembering different parts of the story and coming back to them if other people did not. For example, one student brought a unicorn into the story and the next three people did not mention it. However, the fourth person noticed this and made a point to include the unicorn again. This definitely got better as the story progressed. The students who went first and last also really got a chance to practice starting and ending stories.

I was happy to see students’ teamwork increase this week, and to see them thinking outside the box! Here is the story they created (remember, each person made one sentence of the story):

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. There was also a little girl with a crown. The boy had a Santa Claus hat. A bad guy comes in! The boy and the girl eat lunch together. A spider comes in the house. The girl with the crown fights the bad guy and he leaves. A person comes in and the spooky spider comes in the room. A zombie comes in and fights the boy and girl, but her parents come in to save them. The mom comes outside and grabs the trash can and puts it inside the house, puts the zombie inside, and goes to work. A unicorn comes in. Then a T-rex comes to eat the zombie. The mom comes home from work, puts the trashcan away, and calls the dad and siblings to eat breakfast. Another bad guy comes in and the grandpa comes in while the zombie tries to eat the brother. A dragon comes out. A big fairy comes in to save the day. The spider comes in the girl and boy’s noses. A girl comes to eat with the boy and girl, and they go to ride the unicorn. A big T-rex comes in. The dinosaur comes and says, “woah!” to everyone, the dinosaur screams, and their parents save them. Then a ghost comes in and scares the whole family, but the mom and dad save them. A banana comes in and goes through the ghost. The ghost goes inside the window. 

*We were supposed to do a different activity this week, corresponding with Day 7 on the International Preschool of Raleigh schedule. However, we had some issues with the internet, so we did Story Pieces instead.

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