All Leaders UNITE Activities (Sorted by Type)

Here is a list of all Leaders UNITE activities, hyperlinked and sorted by type of activity. The activities also have their designated age group next to it (ES= elementary school, MS= middle school, HS= high school). Some of the activities fit under more than one of these groups, so I have mentioned them in both. This list will continue to be updated as more activities are added.

Leadership: (general activities about leadership or that involve thinking deeper about leadership)

  1. Leadership at Schools (ES, MS, HS)
  2. What Would a Leader Do? (ES, MS, HS)
  3. Drawing a Leader (ES, MS)
  4. Leadership Utopia (MS, HS)
  5. First Day Questionnaire (MS, HS)
  6. A Leader Is… (Creativity Project) (ES, MS, HS)
  7. Leadership Around School (ES, MS)
  8. Lesson Plan (MS, HS)
  9. Creating a Poem (MS, HS)
  10. Interviewing an Icon (MS, HS)
  11. Leadership in Movies (ES, MS, HS)
  12. Leadership Scenarios (MS, HS)
  13. List and Pictures About Leaders (ES)

Teamwork: (activities where students have to work in teams to accomplish a goal)

  1. Sports Combo (ES, MS, HS)
  2. Hand Signs (MS, HS)
  3. Marketing a New (Old) Product (MS, HS)
  4. The Newest App (ES, MS, HS)
  5. The Newest Videogame (ES, MS, HS)
  6. Find Someone Who (ES, MS, HS)
  7. Leadership at Schools (ES, MS, HS)
  8. It’s Dance Time! (ES, MS)
  9. Christmas Gifts (ES, MS)
  10. The Tallest Tower (ES, MS, HS)
  11. Leadership Around School (MS, HS)
  12. Lesson Plan (MS, HS)
  13. A New End to a Movie (MS, HS)
  14. Pre-Concert Decision Making (MS, HS)
  15. Creating Your Own Language (ES, MS, HS)
  16. Drawing a Forest (ES)
  17. Story Pieces (ES, MS)
  18. Mural (MS, HS)
  19. Composing a Song (MS, HS)
  20. Word Scramble Story (MS, HS)
  21. Commercial (MS, HS)
  22. Halloween Costume (ES)
  23. Superheroes (ES, MS)
  24. Party Planning (MS, HS)
  25. Leadership Lessons from TV (team building version) (ES, MS, HS)

Assigned leader: (team activities where one person has to step up as the assigned leader for the activity)

  1. Hand Signs (MS, HS)
  2. Find Someone Who… Can Understand Hand Signs (MS, HS)
  3. Show and Learn (ES, MS, HS)
  4. Bossy Says “Go Fish” (MS, HS)
  5. Leadership Scenarios (MS, HS)
  6. A Spin on Charades (ES, MS, HS)

Public speaking: (activities where students get to practice their public speaking)

  1. Marketing a New (Old) Product (MS, HS)
  2. The Newest App (ES, MS, HS)
  3. The Newest Videogame (ES, MS, HS)
  4. Christmas Gifts (ES, MS)
  5. A Leader Is… (Creativity Project) (ES, MS, HS)
  6. Creating a Poem (MS, HS)
  7. Your Favorite Animal (ES, MS, HS)
  8. Toy Talk (ES)
  9. Commercial (MS, HS)
  10. Leadership Lessons from TV (public speaking version) (ES, MS, HS)

You are Special: (activities relating to our positivity movement, YAS)

  1. YAS (You are Special) Leadership! (ES, MS, HS)
  2. Time for Thanks(giving) (ES)
  3. YAS it’s Valentine’s Day (ES, MS, HS)

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