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The Newest Videogame

Congratulations! You have been selected to create the newest videogame! In this activity (which is similar to The Newest App activity), students will work together to create their own videogame and then will create a commercial pitch to sell their videogame to the “audience”. Students must include the game logo, purpose, rules, and features in their commercial pitch, and every person in the group must speak in their presentation.

For younger age groups or for a fun twist, teachers, start by asking the students to name seven things they like in their games (without telling them that they will be creating a videogame). Then once they list their seven things, tell them that they must combine these seven things together to make a brand new videogame. See how they work together to combine these things!

Groups will have 15 minutes to create their videogame and their commercial pitch!


You are Special (YAS) on Leaders UNITE instagram page

We kicked off our Fall YAS initiative a few weeks ago at the International Preschool of Raleigh by doing our YAS (You are Special) activity, where students made You are Special cards for their classmates and celebrated their classmates’ unique qualities. This week, we are doing our first online YAS campaign of Fall 2019! We posted this EdWordle on our Instagram page showing a few (of many) words you could use to tell someone that they are special. Feel free to use these words as an inspiration to tell others why they are special to you!

Like our post on instagram to receive a YAS (You are Special) shoutout from Leaders UNITE!

You are Special


Leaders UNITE: leaders in recycling!

Today for Leaders UNITE at the International Preschool of Raleigh, students became leaders in recycling! The school plans to get some recycling bins soon, and today, Leaders UNITE students learned what it means to recycle. Students then created a rule list for recycling to paste in school for all of their other friends to learn about recycling. Students then made a supply list of things they want to recycle at school, so that teachers could go shopping for different types of recycling bins for their school. The first pictures shows their recycling rules list. The second picture shows the rule list alongside some of the students’ drawings of recyclables (paper, newspaper, glass bottles, recycling bins) and some animals that can be saved when we recycle!

Great job being leaders in the community, students!

IPR recycling initiative

IPR recycling initiative 2

Leaders UNITE flyers at Southwest Regional Library!

Last week at our visit to Southwest Regional Library, we were so excited to see Leaders UNITE flyers up at the front of the library! It was exciting to see Leaders UNITE as a regular activity at this library, and to see the flyer we made last year alongside other fun library activities. Some people even heard about the club from these flyers, so that was great!


Working through new things for the student and the teacher

Our first official meeting at Southwest Regional library took place last week. Although we had a meeting before, this was the first one where we actually did a Leaders UNITE activity. We started with our The Newest App activity, to give people an idea of how the club works, and the kinds of things people would have to do. And today, we were faced with a new situation: the person participating in the activity was not really into technology. This was the first time this had happened to me: no matter the age group, I had never had someone unfamiliar with apps in our club. This particular student loved to read, but was not really into technology: she did not use her computer much and did not have a smartphone. Usually, the premise of the activity assumes the participants’ general knowledge of apps or some sorts of interactive websites. And to make matters more complicated, this students was the only one participating in this activity.

My first thought when this happened was to do a different activity. “Should I change the activity to make it something she relates to more? After all, the purpose of Leaders UNITE is to make leadership fun by integrating things that everyone enjoys, so if she doesn’t like/know apps, she probably won’t enjoy this.” However, my first instinct, and the one I chose to go with, told me to still do the activity. I knew that one purpose of this activity was to create an app that interested the person participating. So I decided to work off of this. I asked the student what she was interested in. She loved books, Kindle, and YouTube. I knew that if we dug hard enough, we could create an app or website that someone like her would even be interested in.

Since this student was the only one participating and it was her first day, I served as a bit more than just the sounding board for the activity. I made it my own personal mission as well to try to help her create an app that she would like. I asked her more details about her interests: What she liked about Kindle, how she could make this more applicable to the broader audience, what other features she wished book websites had, and more. Through this, we were able to come up with a website that had some features of a Kindle, but included even more. The app had a separate area for Children’s Books, a price matching system, location services, a book club/discussion forum, and audio books for children. This creative product even had a creative name: LiveBooks, with a logo that included a tree and the app’s features whooshing out of the tree.

As I conducted my reflection with the student after the activity, I felt super proud of her. She noted that although she felt frustrated at points while creating the app, her end product was something even she would turn on her computer for. I was also proud of myself. I was happy that I stuck to my instincts and kept doing this activity with the student. I was proud at myself for getting to know the student on a more personal level, and using this to actually help her create an app that she would be interested in. I was also happy that I was able to push boundaries and make connections that seemed like a big leap, but in the end really helped to tie the whole app idea together. I was proud to have stuck to my instinct, and I enjoyed taking on this inquisitive approach as the club leader.

At the end of our reflection, I asked the student why she though I stuck with this activity even after I found out the student was not interested in apps/technology. I told her that there were a few reasons. First, I wanted to challenge her. I wanted her to take on the role of adapting to a new situation, since that often happens in leadership or working in a team. Although Leaders UNITE aims to incorporate leadership in comfortable settings, it is still important to take these small steps outside of our comfort zone in the club to help prepare people to do so in real situations. Second, I actually thought she might bring a unique perspective to this activity. Sometimes when I do this activity, some students make an app exactly like something that already exists. But the goal of the app (aside from teamwork and public speaking) is to think outside the box, synthesize information, and create something new. I knew that someone who was not familiar with apps might be able to make something completely outside the box, or something that could be interesting to someone who is not too interested in the mainstream apps. And because of this, she was indeed able to think outside the box and create something completely different than any other student had before in the club.

All in all, this was a very interesting session on both ends, and I look forward to seeing how this student progresses over the school year!

Working together at the International Preschool of Raleigh

This week, the students did the activity Story Pieces, where they each had to take turns making a sentence to create one large story*. The students did a great job of taking turns and thinking outside of the box about their stories. They also did a great job of remembering different parts of the story and coming back to them if other people did not. For example, one student brought a unicorn into the story and the next three people did not mention it. However, the fourth person noticed this and made a point to include the unicorn again. This definitely got better as the story progressed. The students who went first and last also really got a chance to practice starting and ending stories.

I was happy to see students’ teamwork increase this week, and to see them thinking outside the box! Here is the story they created (remember, each person made one sentence of the story):

Once upon a time, there was a little boy. There was also a little girl with a crown. The boy had a Santa Claus hat. A bad guy comes in! The boy and the girl eat lunch together. A spider comes in the house. The girl with the crown fights the bad guy and he leaves. A person comes in and the spooky spider comes in the room. A zombie comes in and fights the boy and girl, but her parents come in to save them. The mom comes outside and grabs the trash can and puts it inside the house, puts the zombie inside, and goes to work. A unicorn comes in. Then a T-rex comes to eat the zombie. The mom comes home from work, puts the trashcan away, and calls the dad and siblings to eat breakfast. Another bad guy comes in and the grandpa comes in while the zombie tries to eat the brother. A dragon comes out. A big fairy comes in to save the day. The spider comes in the girl and boy’s noses. A girl comes to eat with the boy and girl, and they go to ride the unicorn. A big T-rex comes in. The dinosaur comes and says, “woah!” to everyone, the dinosaur screams, and their parents save them. Then a ghost comes in and scares the whole family, but the mom and dad save them. A banana comes in and goes through the ghost. The ghost goes inside the window. 

*We were supposed to do a different activity this week, corresponding with Day 7 on the International Preschool of Raleigh schedule. However, we had some issues with the internet, so we did Story Pieces instead.

Leaders UNITE Locations

We are proud to have many schools and libraries associated partnering with Leaders UNITE. Use the dropdown menu to see posts from a few of our locations, which talk about activities, reflections, and other information from Leaders UNITE at these locations. If you are interested in starting Leaders UNITE at your school, library, or after school program, contact us here on at .

Here are a list of our current and previous partners:

Current partners:

  1. Duke University (Durham, NC)
  2. International Preschool of Raleigh (Raleigh, NC)
  3. North Regional Library (Durham, NC)
  4. South Regional Library (Durham, NC)
  5. East Regional Library (Durham, NC)
  6. International Preschool of Raleigh’s Partner School (Beijing, China)
  7. Jordan High School (Durham, NC)
  8. Durham Nativity School (Durham, NC)

Former partners:

  1. North Hills School (Pilar, Argentina)
  2. Cary Academy (Cary, NC)
  3. Enloe High School (Raleigh, NC)
  4. Chesterbrook Academy (Cary, NC)
  5. Cleveland High School (Johnston County, NC)
  6. Smithfield-Selma High School ((Johnston County, NC)
  7. West Johnston High School (Johnston County, NC)
  8. South Johnston High School (Johnston County, NC)
  9. Archer Lodge Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  10. Riverwood Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  11. McGee’s Crossroads Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  12. Benson Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  13. Clayton Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  14. Smithfield Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  15. Selma Middle School (Johnston County, NC)
  16. Meadow Middle School (Johnston County, NC)


Q: How can I start Leaders UNITE at my school?

A. It’s very easy! Just talk to a teacher or counselor at your school and see what time of day you can do this club. Some schools have club time, so try to start this club during that time. If your school doesn’t have club time, try to start this club before or after school. Or even in a homeroom period. Ask you teacher to see what time works best. Find a faculty member who is willing to facilitate club time, and then you’ll be set! The 2014-2015 schedule is on the website, but feel free to add or eliminate activities based on the amount of club time you have. If you want to incorporate the club in another way feel free to email for suggestions. Even if everything is clear with the schedule, we still recommend that you email Leaders UNITE so that you can get updates about events in the area.


Q. How do I receive information and/or attend state-wide Leaders UNITE events?

A. To receive information about club-wide conferences, volunteer events, and guest speakers, email to be added to the email list. If you are starting the club at your school, I recommend doing this, so you can receive information easily.


Q. How do I respond to the discussion posts on the Leaders UNITE website?

A. We strongly recommend each branch of the club to share their insights on discussion questions in the form of a comment on the discussion post. In order to comment on the post, you must create a WordPress account ( Once you are logged in, you can go to the Leaders UNITE website and click “comment” under the specific post. We hope this section allows schools to gain different perspectives on major issues regarding leadership.


Q. Where is the 2014-2015 schedule and how do I use it?

A. The schedule is posted under the tab “2014-2015 Schedule.” The schedule will open in PowerPoint and goes vertically. For example, you start with all of the activities, discussion questions, etc. that are vertically under “Understanding.” Once your group has completed those, then you move on to “Nourishing,” etc. The activities and discussion prompts are all in quotation marks and therefore correspond to species posts under the “Activities” and “Discussion Questions” pages. If your club has limited time and needs to cut activities and discussion questions, feel free to do so. However, the activities/discussions in bold font are the ones that your club should not cut from the schedule.


Q. Is there an age requirement for students in the club?

A. No, students of any age group can start this club at their school. However, under the activity section, there are different tabs for elementary, middle, and high schools, so it is important to use the different tabs when doing activities for the club. We believe that you are never too young to learn how to be a leader, so we believe that students of any age can participate in this club.


Q. Currently, how many branches of Leaders UNITE are there?

A. There are 15 branches of the club in North Carolina that we know of. However, we have been in contact with 6 other schools in the state, 2 county-wide Teen Councils, 1 school in Maryland, a school in Argentina, and a school in Singapore. There are other branches that we have heard of, but they  have not provided contact information to Leaders UNITE, so we are unsure of further information. We hope to continue spreading this club to other schools!

2014-2015 Schedule

Here is the general schedule for Leaders UNITE during the 2014-2015 school year. This schedule is subject to changes depending on each school’s individual needs and club time as well as any additional activities specific to each school. There will be many opportunities for all of the branches to meet as a whole, but this schedule only includes the class time portions of the club.

leaders unite schedule 2014-2015

Note: Each class will go vertically through the curriculum. In other words, each section/letter of UNITE must be completed before moving on to the next letter. Enjoy!